Dr. Birk Hagemeyer

Assistant Professor
Dr. Birk Hagemeyer
Dr. Birk Hagemeyer
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Department of Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment​
Humboldtstraße 11
07743 Jena

Room 117

Consulting hours:
Wednesday 13:30-14:30
(during semester break on appointment)

E-Mail:    birk.hagemeyer@uni-jena.de
Telephone: +49 3641 9-45164
Telefax: +49 3641 9-45162

Research Interests

  • implicit and explicit motives
  • motivaitonal dispositions and processes in intimate relationships
  • agency and communion
  • direct and indirect methods of assessing motives
  • thematic content analysis
  • social emotions
  • personality development
  • individual differences in dreaming

Current Projects

  • Curriculum Vitae
    • since 06/2013
      Assistant Professor at the University of Jena; Personality Psychology

    • 11/2011- 05/2013
      Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Jena; Personality Psychology

    • 2011
      PhD in Psychology (summa cum laude; Thesis: "Agentic and Communal Motives in Couple Relationships")

    • 2009-2011    
      Predoctoral Researcher at the University of Jena; Personality Psychology

    • 2007-2009    
      Predoctoral Researcher in the DFG-project "Distance Regulation in Partner Relationships" directed by Prof. F. J. Neyer and Prof. J. B. Asendorpf (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) University of Vechta (2007) and University of Potsdam (2007-2009)

    • 2007  
      Diploma in Psychology at University of Osnabrueck
  • Reviewer


    • Basic and Applied Social Psychology
    • Behavior Research Methods
    • British Journal of Psychology
    • Diagnostica
    • Emotion
    • European Journal of Personality
    • European Journal of Psychological Assessment
    • European Journal of Social Psychology
    • Frontiers in Psychology
    • Journal of Adolescence
    • Journal of Family Social Work
    • Journal of Individual Differences
    • Journal of Personality
    • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
    • Journal of Personality Assessment
    • Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
    • Journal of Sport and Health Science
    • International Journal of Psychology
    • Learning and Individual Differences
    • Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences
    • Motivation and Emotion
    • Motivation Science
    • Personality and Individual Differences
    • Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
    • Personality Science
    • SAGE Open (Article Editor)
    • Stress

    Research Organisations

  • Publications


    in press

    Köhler, A., Heine, C., Hagemeyer, B., & Dufner, M. (in press).  How are provided and received social support related to relationship satisfaction and self-esteem? A comprehensive test of competing hypotheses. Social Psychological and Personality Science.

    Zygar-Hoffmann, C., Hagemeyer, B., & Schönbrodt, F. D. (in press). The reflection of motive dispositions in everyday agentic motivational states. Motivation Science.

    Salomo, S., Hackl, T., Hübner, J., & Hagemeyer, B. (in press). Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE Dreaming in cancer patients and their partners – An underestimated factor for quality of life?. Journal of Sleep Research.


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    Hagemeyer, B.*, Salomo, S.*, Engelhardt, C., Neyer, F. J., & Rupprecht, S. (2020). Assessing individual differences in the affective experience of dreams: The Jena Dream Inventory - Affect scales (JeDI-A). Assessment, 27(8), 1946-1959. https://doi.org/10.1177/1073191119847767External link 
    *Both authors made equal contributions to this work

    Lange, J.*, Hagemeyer, B.*, Lösch, T., & Rentzsch, K. (2020). Accuracy and bias in the social perception of envy. Emotion, 20(8), 1399–1410. https://doi.org/10.1037/emo0000652
    External link
    * Both authors made equal contributions to this work.

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