Dr. Sebastian Pusch

Research Associate
M.Sc. Sebastian Pusch
M.Sc. Sebastian Pusch
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Wildstraße 1
07743 Jena

Room E005

Postal adress:
Humboldtstraße 11
07743 Jena

Consulting hours:
by agreement

E-Mail:    sebastian.pusch@uni-jena.de
Telephone: +49 3641 9-45076
Telefax: +49 3641 9-45162

Research Interests

  • „Partner perception“
  • Implicit and explicit motive dispositions
  • Romantic relationships
  • Personality development

Current Projects

  • Curriculum Vitae
    • 2020
      PhD in Psychology (summa cum laude)
      Thesis: "Motivational Interdependence in Couple Relationships"

    • since 06/2020
      Research associate at the Department of Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment at the Friedrich Schiller University JenaDFG-Project "Motivational Interdependence in Intimate Relationships"
    • 06/2016 - 05/2020
      Research associate at the Department of Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
      DFG-Project "Dynamics of implicit motives in intimate partner relationships"

    • 11/2014 - 04/2016
      Student assistant at the Department of Pedagogical Psychology at the Institute of Education Science
      (BMBF-Project: "Zukunftsmarkt 65plus")

    • 10/2014 - 05/2016
      Master studies of Psychology at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

    • 03/2014 - 09/2014
      Student assistant at the Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors at the TU Dortmund

    • 10/2010 - 09/2014
      Bachelor studies of Psychology and Philosophy at the Technical University Dortmund
  • Publications

    in press

    Gonzalez Avilés, T., Borschel, E., Pusch, S., & Neyer, F. J. (in press). Not all Flowers Bloom in April: Self-Esteem Development Surrounding the First Romantic Relationship During Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood. European Journal of Personality.

    Pusch, S., Neyer, F. J., & Hagemeyer, B. (in press). Closeness Discrepancies in Couple Relationships: A Dyadic Response Surface Analysis. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.  https://doi.org/10.1177/01461672221113981External link

    Schönbrodt, F. D., Zygar, C., Nestler, S., Pusch, S., & Hagemeyer, B. (in press). Measuring motivational relationship processes in experience sampling: A reliability model for moments, days, and persons nested in couples. Behavior Research Methods.


    Pusch, S., Schönbrodt, F. D., Zygar-Hoffmann, C., & Hagemeyer, B. (accepted for publication). Motivational Interdependence in Couple Relationships. Frontiers in Psychology.


    Pusch, S., Schönbrodt, F.D., Zygar-Hoffmann, C., & Hagemeyer, B. (in press). Perception of communal motives in couples: Accuracy, bias, and their associations with relationship length. Journal of Research in Personality.

    Pusch, S., Schönbrodt, F. D., Zygar-Hoffmann, C., & Hagemeyer, B. (2020). Truth and wishful thinking: How inter-individual differences in communal motives manifest in momentary partner perceptions. European Journal of Personality, 34, 115-134. doi:10.1002/per.2227External link

    Zygar-Hoffmann, C., Pusch, S., Hagemeyer, B., & Schönbrodt, F. D. (2020). Motivated behavior in intimate relationships: Comparing the predictive value of motivational variables. Social Psychological Bulletin, 15(2), 1-37. https://doi.org/10.32872/spb.2873External link


    Pusch, S., Mund, M., Hagemeyer, B. & Finn, C. (2019). Personality development in emerging and young adulthood: A study of age differences. European Journal of Personality, 33, 245-263. doi:10.1002/per.2181External link


    Zygar, C., Hagemeyer, B., Pusch, S., & Schönbrodt, F. D. (2018). From motive dispositions to states to outcomes: An intensive experience sampling study on communal motivational dynamics in couples. European Journal of Personality, 32, 306-324. DOI: 10.1002/per.2145External link